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    Where is GL/gl.h ?

    OK, so I am trying to compile some software on 2007.0. It requires Qt4, so I have installed that. I renamed qmake (from Qt3) and created a new link to point to the Qt4 version. When I try to compile I get errors saying unable to find "gl.h". Now I am assuming that it is looking for "GL/gl.h" as it is graphics related. So looking for packages with this I find "lib64mesagl1-devel", which lists "/usr/include/GL/gl.h" as one of its files. Now I already have this installed, but there is no such directory as "/usr/include/GL" on my system!

    So my first question is, why are files listed in a package list not installed?

    (I have also done a Find Files on "gl.h" from / with non found)

    My second question is what package do I need to install - is gl.h part of Qt4, or is it part of something else - eg. OpenGL (is Qt4 built on top of OpenGL?)

    Sorry for all the questions... but I'm


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    Ok, so I've solved the problem by installing mesa-source ( I think it was called), now I'm trying to find a replacement for mach_time.h, which seems to be for kernel code only??


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    Hello - it's common for packages to 'complain' that some files are missing when you compile from source. These are generally 'header files' needed by C programs, and you'll find them in the 'development' versions of packages.

    For example, with QT ... there's the main package; then somewhere there should be one called QT-dev ... or something similar. Development packages aren't often installed by default on Mandriva. Maybe to save room, who knows?

    Before compiling from source it's sometimes useful to type ./configure --help to get an idea about options to pass to ./configure before using make and make install. I mention this because if you already have development software installed, this can tell you how to specify the path to that package.

    Anyway, well done for fixing this as far as you have. I know how frustrating that problem is. Of course you could always use urpmi to install packages, as that handles annoying dependencies for you.
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    Yes, urpmi is my friend, that is how installed mesa-source (or whatever it was called), what I am confused about is that "lib64mesagl1-devel" lists gl.h as a file it includes (well it is listed under 'Files' when viewed in MCC/Install Packages) but it doesn't actually install it anywhere.

    BTW, I was trying to compile Polyworld, and after writing some replacement timing code to get around needing mach_time.h (which appears to be redundant in the latest series of kernels???) I have it up and running, not quite perfectly though, it gave thousands of warnings (this is code written a long time ago for Macs so its amazing it goes at all)


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