I have a Dell Latitude D850 laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and an Nvidia Quadro FX350M graphics card. I have installed Mandriva 2007 on an external LaCie mobile hard drive.

When I don't have XGl turned on, everything works fine, but when I turn XGl on, the screen freezes rapidly after I, for example, use Firefox and try to type in a web address. All that then works is the mouse pointer. None of the icons or start button work. One other thing is that when I use Xfig in non-XGl mode, it freezes when I click on any of the drawing tools and I have to open a terminal window and use kill to terminate it. I think that this may be related to XGl freezing, but I am not sure.

I have the graphics card set to Nvidia FX series. I also have transparency set, which
was set during the install. Do I need to turn transparency off?

Does anyone know what is wrong and what I need to reset?