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    Trouble shooting init not found error

    I cannot find info on how to get to the lilo prompt (I'm using graphical lilo) - at the command line - so I can pass init= options to the kernel.
    Someone (a grub user) suggested hitting the shift key before the bootsplash ... well that didn't work - obviously or I wouldn't be asking.
    Tried several keys/key combinations with no luck.
    This has to be simple... no?

    Can someone help a newbie out here?


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    If prompt isn't set, when the word "LILO" appears, press Control, Shift, or Alt, and the boot prompt appears. You also can press the Scroll Lock key before LILO is printed and not have to wait poised over the keyboard for the right moment.
    Good luck!
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    Hmmm.... noe of the three keys will give the prompt... it goes right to the choices no matter what I do.
    Thanks anyway.

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