i have a computer with 3 partitions:

1. mandriva
2. shared files
3. windows

recently I had this big problem, i was on the mandriva partition and the computer froze, when i restarted the computer didn't recognize the usb ports or the hard drive. this situation is really odd, i'll try to describe it the best i can: i have the monitor plugged through the DVI port through the usb port (the monitor has 4 ports) one of those goes to the cpu, the other 3 are available. the computer has 6 usb ports in the back part and 2 front. none of those work except for the one that has the monitor plugged and that's the only way i've been able to make the computer recognize the keyboard and mouse. otherwise they don't do anything. the problem appears on both mandriva and windows os. i already flashed the bios, reinstalled the drivers (windows) and nothing happens, could anyone assist me here please? this computer is not even mine, it belongs to my lab...

thanks a lot for your help.