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    Online Radio Help+_ General Help

    Hello All,

    First off I must explain that I am a newbie to Linux and relise that most of my problems are down to the fact that I haven't a clue as to how it all works (I'm used to Windows where you just press a button and it just works! ) So here we go with the questions.

    Can anyone offer any advise on how to listen to online radio stations ? When I am home I like to listen to Planet Rock but Mandriva will not allow me to do this. I have tried downloading a Flash player but have no idea if this has installed or where it has gone or if infact it is useable with Mandriva Free ? ( I am now lead to believe that not all linux software will work with all Distros " not good"). With this in mind how do I know if software will work with Mandriva ? and where can I find Mandriva software ?

    Many thanks for any help you can offer.


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    Online Radio Help for Mandriva

    Brad, I frequently listen to the BBC (UK) radio stations (I'm in France) using the RealPlayer software that came with the Mandriva 2007 edition. I am not too sure if it is in the latest Mandriva 2007 Spring edition.

    Anyway, I simply log onto the BBc website and then choose to use my standalone player - RealPlayer. It works every time with good quality sound etc. Once you have the Realplayer for Linux software installed you are away. If you do not have it on your system look for an RPM file version of RealPlayer. Once in place everything should be OK.

    All the best


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    Installing Realplayer

    Hello Tony,

    Many thanks for coming back to my post,much appreciated. As an ex Windoze user I have no idea how to Install real player in Linux ! In Windoze it was a case of click and the thing installed it's self. How do you install an RPM or Bin file ? Is it a simple thing and is this the same for any rpm or BIn file ?

    This would of course prove usefull for other software.

    Many Thanks again Tony.

    Brad England UK

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    Online Radio Help

    Brad, installing an RPM file (it stands for Redhat Package Manager and is used by Mandriva) is pretty painless. First of all, go to this web address : The latest version will be on the

    RealPlayer for Linux - the best audio and video player -

    and download the latest Linux version of RealPlayer ( I think that it is version 10). Choose the file ending with rpm.

    Once downloaded, Double Click on the file. This will start up the the Mandriva Control Centre where you can install new software, install printers etc. etc..

    You will have to use your ROOT or SU (System User) password to enter the Mandriva Control Centre - for security reasons.

    From here on Mandriva takes over the installation. In no time you should have RealPlayer installed and available. This system applies to all .rpm files.

    There are other file types ending in tar etc. Keep away from these for the moment as they are more complicated to deal with. Always choose the .rpm version of a programme and your life in LInux should be much easier.

    All the best,


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    Online Radio HelpBrad,

    The URl for the linux RealPlayer failed to come out in my reply, so here it is again.

    The latest version will be on this site.

    RealPlayer for Linux - the best audio and video player -


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    Real Player Help Thanks

    Hello Tony,
    Many thanks for the info, a you said it really was painless. Real player is up and running.

    Many Thanks, Linux really does have a great community spirit.

    Bye for now Brad England UK.

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