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    How to watch DVDs with Mandriva.

    Hello all,

    Can anyone tell me how to watch DVD's using Mandriva free 2007 I have managed to get it to play various seens from DVD's but not the whole thing !

    Many Thanks.

    Badger.brad England UK

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    Hey have you installed libcss the decoder for dvds?
    what program are you using to watch the dvds on, totem?

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    Hello Mikey,

    I am using both Movie Player and KMplayer mainly as they were preinstalled and I haven't a clue how to install progs as they seem to go to a secret place when I install them ! and if I do find them they don't seem to work , this is most likley down to my lack of Linux Know how ( I have been using Mandriva for less than a week ).

    Many thanks.

    Badger.Brad England UK

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    libdvdcss is not a program itself but more script/codec which allows your movie player, KMPlayer etc. to play DVD's. I've never used Mandriva before but I've heard that it uses urpmi or such as it's package manager it might be in the repositories, someone else will have to help you with that though.

    You can however download it from here. If you download the *.rpm file you can install it by running rpm -i filename.rpm, however those packages seem to be targetted at Red Had distro, it might work on Mandriva . Else you can download the source and do the following:

    tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz
    cd into the extracted directory
    make install
    (as root)

    Good luck

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    How to watch DVD's with Mandriva

    Brad, I too had this problem until I found a script on the web. The problem lies in the script being in the wrong place, you need to make a copy in the correct folder.

    ""RUN as ROOT to get LinDVD to function correctly. I got this from Wiki with LinDVD crashes Mandriva as KEYWORDS" - I found this bit on the net.

    "cp /usr/share/lindvd/ /usr/lib/

    Click on on a terminal (black screen) window. And type the letters "su" no quotes.

    Enter your root password.

    Then copy/paste this code:

    cp /usr/share/lindvd/ /usr/lib/

    into the terminal window. and press the ENTER KEY.

    LinDVD should now function correctly, it does on my system!

    All the best,


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    How to run LINDVD with Mandriva

    If you decide to use the latest version of Mandriva - 2007 Spring Edition.

    Do Not INSTALL it.

    Choose UPDATE instead.

    This will keep your LinDVd on the HD and you will be able to continue using it.
    If you INSTALL the Spring Edition, you will overwrite all the software. And since LINDVD is not on the Spring Edition it will not be there after you have installed the 2007 Spring Edition.


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