I am new in the linux world, very exiting by the way!

At this moment I'm trying to use java in linux mandriva 2007, I've tried a lot of things to run a class in the prompt, everything unsucessfully. I got the error NoClassDefFounfExcepction.

Some article said that creating a file into etc/profile.d/ with extension .sh I could run the classes in all the environment. Well I create it, now the command javac is recognized by the system, in fact I can create the class files, but I still getting the same Exception at moment to use java command.

When I made an echo for the variables of the system I got the next:

[root@localhost samples]# echo $PATH

[root@localhost samples]# echo $CLASSPATH

[root@localhost samples]# echo $JAVA_HOME

I also change the bashrc introducing the next line:

export PATH=$PATH:usr/java/jdk/jdk1.5.0_12/bin

Any Suggestion, ?