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Thread: new user woes

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    new user woes

    I'm totally new to linux, but relatively adept with Windows, anyway I successfully installed Mandriva Free (the one CD edition as opposed to the 4 CDs/1 DVD edition). However, after installing, it boots to the login screen where I type in my username and password and afterwards I'm presented with a GUI that has ICEwm in the lower left.

    Two problems with this:
    1. I selected the KDE GUI in the install
    2. Other than that ICEwm button, some workspace buttons, a Terminal button, and a browser button there is nothing on my desktop - no trash, no home, no nothing. Also none of the buttons work. Terminal and Browser can be pressed, but nothing comes up. The only button that does anything is the ICEwm button and under the ICEwm button there are only 2 options: Logout and Themes and these are inactive.

    Anyway, sorry if this is an idiot post, but any help would be appreciated

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    By Default, IceWM is miniamlistic by nature, there are few icons to begin with. However, that is beside the point. I would suggest to try re-installing the system and go from there. Don't worry, this was not a dumb question, I would know (see my postings on "installing vector linux"). Re-installing the system sometimes fixes the problems, oddly enough. If you still have problems, contact us again.


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    Ya, I tried reinstalling multiple times changing settings to try and get it to work, but to no avail. I eventually gave up and downloaded a linux that was 5 discs. (I originally went with Mandriva 2007 Spring Free, cuz it could fit on one CD). Anyway I ended up going with OpenSUSE. If I run into more problems I'll post again, but probably in the OpenSUSE forum...Thanks for the help

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