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    Internet access problems

    Well, I just got Mandriva Spring 2007 Powerpack, and I'm having problems getting on the internet. No matter how I connect to the internet, through http, ftp, or anything else, everything will time out. The only things that will work is through http, and I can can chat via my hotmail address with one of the chat clients, but I can't use an irc client or view anyother web pages, also, when I'm on messenger, I can download files, but they download at less than 1kps, and loads up much faster. I have tried changing my dns to open dns, and have pinged multiple sites using their host names and ip's, and I get 100% success. I have reformatted and reinstalled Mandriva, and have tried numerous commands from other help sites, but nothing is working, and I'm all out of ideas.

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    If you're using Firefox, can you access web pages by typing in their IP addresses (rather than standard URLs)? You can get the IPs by pinging as I'm sure you know already.

    Can you access websites in the usual way by using Konqueror? If you find you can get to pages other than Google by typing raw IP addresses in the address bar it might be a Firefox setting which needs changing.

    Which firewall are you using? There is a further possibility I can think of, but I'll let you reply first as I would have to look it up. Sometimes default Mandriva settings can block web access! I experienced this with Mandriva 2006.

    Edit: Please read this:
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