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    Question Messed up boot partition, now can't boot Mandriva

    I had mandriva 2007 free installed and decided I wanted to try out Fedora, so burned a cd and used gparted to change my partitions. However, I was tired at the time and deleted my boot partition. Fedora installed GRUB and I configured it to load the Windows partition and Mandriva partition I had, thinking that would fix my problem, but no dice. I now get this nice message when trying to boot mandriva:

    "Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable"

    It can load windows fine, and I don't think the partition is damaged, since I can mount it in Fedora.

    I do not have much linux experience, so have no idea how to solve this, but am comfortable with the command line, so can anyone give advice on what to do?

    I know this isn't exactly Mandriva help, but please do assist. I don't want to get stuck in an "it's their problem" limbo.


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    Check out TestDisk. It can be found on the Parted Magic LivedCD:

    Parted Magic

    TestDisk is a great tool for recovering lost partitions, tables, etc.

    The Parted Magic LiveCD is a small download and quick burn to CD.

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    If you have deleted /boot partition, created new and installed Fedora over it then be very careful while using TestDisk. You could loose Windows and Fedora too.

    Save output of fdisk -l command to some safe place before using Testdisk. If anything goes wrong, You can recreate Partition Table.
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    Alright, maybe there is a perfectly good explanation for this, but it is confusing.

    I was checking what I could recover from the mandriva partions by mounting it to /mnt/Mandriva with the command "mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/Mandriva"

    Going to the boot folder there though, there are files in the /boot folder :o

    I thought that was a mounted folder, and thus should be empty. I was thinking it was looking at the fedora mount somehow, but they are different.

    I haven't tried that TestDisk utility, but am burning it right now.

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