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    Talking can we run *.exe files in mandrake 10.1?

    hi guys,

    i heard that we can run *.exe files in mandrake lnux 10.1!

    >is it really possible ? if it is possible how can we run *.exe file in linux

    >i heard about wine that we can run all executable files and it is possible to install all xp games and softwares in linux?

    >how to install wine ?

    >does it have any limitations

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    There are many varieties of wine. It is common for new users, (as was the case with me), to believe Wine was the perfect solution as it would allow me to run all my Windows programs under Linux. Nothing could be further from the truth I'm afraid. Wine runs some Windows programs very well and others not at all. Mostly it runs them in all manner in between the two extremes. You just have to research the Windows program you want to run. Do a Google on the program along with Wine and see where that gets you. Wine has come a very long way, but it still is not the perfect solution to run all Windows programs as we would like it to be. The best solution though is to find Linux equivalents of the Windows programs you wish to run. If there isn't any, such as a particular game, just run the game in Windows. Just for fun, check here and see how Cedega, a gaming form of wine, runs the games you are interested in.
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    You might have a look at The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux before trying to run Windows software on Linux.

    Good luck

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    i recently switched over to linux as my primary operating system and one of the main things that kept me with windows was photoshop and flash.. since im a web developer, they were quite important for me (and i hate gimp).. so what i do now is use vmware in which i have a virtualized windows xp which i use to run any windows program i need (except for like 3d rendering/gaming).. its obviously not as efficient as running a straight out program on linux, but it gets the job done, and allows me to finally use linux full time!

    check out vmware or virtualbox.. i have used both and they work great

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