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    Question Burn .img file within Mint?

    Hey guys. it's me ..... again.

    My ultimate goal is to get my other computer booting up. It did have Windows XP (ack, I know!), however, I am attempting to get into it, to install one of Linux's wonderful distros.

    I get the non-systems disk error, when I attempt a boot. Basically, BIOS sees the hdd, but I guess it's missing files, or just corrupt, whatever.

    Here is the question: I have the .img files for XP, but I am unsure (And yes, I have done some research) on how exactly , if possible, to burn to a usb, as to boot from it.

    Anyone know what I mean?

    I will , of course, continue to look for a way, but could use some pointers.

    Thanks in advance. =)

    p.s. I hope this is the correct place to post this, and would appreciate it , if gets moved, to be told where it is moved.

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    argh. welp, i am back to doing some more research.

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    You can't boot XP from USB to my knowledge, it is not designed to work in that manner. Windows 7 is implementing something along these lines but I haven't tried it yet.

    Have a look at BartPE which I think will be something along the lines of what you need. Alternatively you could just go the old root and burn to CD using K3b to boot from CD.

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    thank you for the tip, tom. but I'm currently running Mint, not windows. I was looking for something I could use with Linux.

    I did go out and get some blank cd-rs , you think I should be able to burn the .img files and just boot from them?

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    ugh. forget it. I got what I needed, but I can't do anything with any of my hdds, all 3. Two of 'em are seen by bios, but thats as far as it goes. I can't replace the files to boot, because I can't get into dos.

    how infuriating.

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