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Thread: Linux Mint help

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    Linux Mint help

    I am still relitively new to linux and I have installed Linux mint onto my system. Everything works except my sound card. I downloaded the driver from the manufacturer which is Creative Sound Blaster. The only problem I am having is trying to figure out how to install it.

    The directions state:

    Got to the source directory
    run install file
    And I am done.

    Don't know where to begin with doing this as I am not familiar with the terminal.

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    Well as you are new to Linux CLI, I suggest you refer some guides like Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.
    or Search google and you will get many

    For now do as follows.

    Open the directory from downloaded archive, in your GUI (Nautilus)
    Right Click in Window >> Open In Terminal
    then type command
    # ls
    if you see a install file having its name in green color
    # ./<filename>
    without <>
    if its not Green (executable)
    # chmod a+x filename
    then follow 2nd step

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    I have gone to install the driver using the commands you gave me, but it didn't work out. Here is what the instructions say now that I have them:

    Quick install


    In terminal,

    1) Goto source directory

    2) Execute make command as root


    make install

    Here are the files I get when doing a dir on the source directory:

    COPYING ctatc.c cthardware.c ctimap.h ctresource.c ctvmem.c xfi.c
    ct20k1reg.h ctatc.h cthardware.h ctmixer.c ctresource.h ctvmem.h
    ct20k2reg.h ctdaio.c cthw20k1.c ctmixer.h ctsrc.c
    ctamixer.c ctdaio.h cthw20k2.c ctpcm.c ctsrc.h Makefile
    ctamixer.h ctdrv.h ctimap.c ctpcm.h ctutils.h README

    I do appreciate your time with helping me with this.

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    Oh, i didnt noticed you said source, not binaries.
    So you have to compile source code and then make install of it.
    Before compiling you should have required tools and compiler and all other dependacies
    Mostly packages you need are gcc, g++, libstdc++-dev, automake, autoconf, make, gawk. and etc. (dependacies should be mentioned in README)
    once you installed required dependacies.
    follow these commands
    # cd <source foldername>
    as there is no configuration script.
    jump on make
    # make && make install

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