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    Linux Mint Desktop?

    Hi guys,

    I would like to ask you to give me you thoughts about Linux Mint - Pros and Cons.


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    Welcome to the forums!

    I've never tried it myself, so can't speak about it from experience, but Linux Mint is currently ranked #3 on the popularity list, and you can find lots of links to reviews of the distribution on this page: Linux Mint

    Maybe some folks that have used it will chime in with some info for you soon.

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    I run Linux Mint 6 Gnome on Shop Desktop (IBM M41) and Linux Mint 6 RC1 Fluxbox on a Partition on a IBM T23 Laptop. Both Distros are super stable and the fluxbox edition has elements of xfce in it. I like it as a distro. Real Stable and the fluxbox edition is zippy on the laptop. Gnome runs a bit different than Gnome in Ubuntu (which I also run) but all in all it's a very good distro.
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    Played a bit with it as a live cd and usb install and found it runs well.
    At the end of the day it depends on what you do with your linux and how much you are willing to learn.
    As an out the box install, it is great, but I haven't used it that much to do any serious admin.
    If you are new to linux, start with a distro you feel comfortable with and take it from there. One tip, though, create a separate /home partiton for your data. This means you don't lose your data evy time you upgrade or change distros. It also allows you to multiboot distros.
    The live cd runs fine and as with most live cds, lets you try before installing. As long as you like the way it runs and the basic look/feel, don't worry about the extras like dvd support, etc. Most distros allow you to add them on after installing.

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