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    [SOLVED] Virus Software.

    Hello everyone,
    Firstly an apology.
    I have been trying to post a new thread, but when I click on submit it seems to hang.
    The point being there may well be other threads by me that have been successful and have uploaded.
    The question I wont to post is this,
    Is there any need to install Clamav-freshclam ?
    If so how do you do it please.
    And if you haven't already guessed I am a newbie.
    System Linux Mint 6 Felicia Mail Edition
    Thanks for your help.

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    Linux Engineer b2bwild's Avatar
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    If you are using Gnome install clamtk
    # sudo apt-get install clamtk
    If you are using Kde, install klamav
    # sudo apt-get install klamav
    These are gui's for clam, it will install clamav, clamav-freshclam as dependacies.

    If you are running Mail Server, and need antivirus for mail server.
    I suggest you to install clamfs and clamassassin also, for on-access anti-virus scanner filesystem

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    Software Installed.

    Hi again,
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I have followed your instructions and the installation was smooth.
    But now I need to know how to be ROOT.
    When I try to update the data, its states I must be root.
    Everything else works great, but if its like windows the virus data base requires updating, and it says, you must be root when attempting to do so.
    Thanks for your help so far,

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    Linux Guru bigtomrodney's Avatar
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    If you are running on the command line you can prefix the command with sudo, if you are running in Gnome you can prefix the command with gksu to run as root and similarly use kdesu for KDE desktop.

    Are you running a fileserver or email server? If you are just running a desktop system you shouldn't need to run antivirus software at all.

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    Hi once again,
    I am just running a desktop, plus my laptop on Linux.
    I am using Thunderbird for my Emails.
    No file server etc.
    I could not make up my mind about required security though.
    I read in some places its advisable to have it, and in other places that its not required.
    Your advice is required on this matter please.

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    SuperMod (Back again) devils casper's Avatar
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    You don't need any AntiVirus package imho. I would suggest you to check this Short Security Guide. Install rkhunter instead of antivirus.
    It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.
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    Linux Engineer b2bwild's Avatar
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    I only use antivirus on scan my Windows drives. X_X
    Else theres no big need for linux desktop

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    Thanks for all your advice.
    I will leave system as it is and carry on using Linux without worrying.

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