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    Can't reinstall WinXP after removing Mint 8 from Laptop

    Hello friends!

    My old Acer Laptop had linux Mint 8 installed on it and worked fine for months. I got my self a new MacBook a few weeks ago and decided to give my Acer to my father in law. The only thing my father in law can use is WinXp. He finds Mint hard to use. Anyway, I guess each person get's used to something and then sticks to it.

    So I told him I would re-install WinXP on the Acer and let him have it. I tried the recovery disk and everything works fine up to the point of rebooting. I get the following message and I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I installed Mint as the main OS, wiping everything of the disk.

    The messages reads:

    GRUB loading.
    error: unknown filesystem
    grub rescue >
    Does anybody know how to fix this? How can I get the disk to boot the WinXP I have installed?

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    if you have a linux live disk, boot that in the machine, and go to a command prompt (as root.) run

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd? bs=1k count=10

    replace the ? with whatever your hard disk is. it is most likely /dev/sda, but it could differ. This command will wipe out the partition table, and the MBR.
    the command is NOT safe to run if you want to save data on the hard drive, it will mess stuff up. but if you're wiping it though, it's irrelivant.

    once that is done, reboot your laptop with the windows disk in, and reinstall. that should install windows, and the windows bootloader.
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