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    Could linux be put on a tv??

    Earlier today i purchased a prand new tv and while i was setting it up i noticed a usb port or two on the back of it. So i read the owners manual and it said that you could use a flash drive and upgrade drivers and such. this led me to thinking driver means there is some memory built in so could you get a linux distribution up and running on a tv?

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    Yes, probably, maybe.

    The long answer is that it depends, mostly upon the TV manufacturer. Most TVs today allow you to plug a computer into them without a problem or concern about what operating system you're using, but there are a couple out there that expect MS Windows systems (they use proprietary drivers), and a few of the older TV models use nonstandard (or 'pre'-standards that have changed since the computer model was produced) drivers.

    Most laptops are setup for alternative outputs, and many newer desktops do as well. Most can be set in the computer bios, some linux distributions install with settings that allow you a TV output, others require that you install additional software (via a package manager), while a handful of barebones distributions either require some intricate command-line work, or need their kernel recompiled to add in the necessary modules/drivers.

    It would help to know your Linux distribution, so a user with the same can help you, and you should be able to google a bit and find help from someone who can walk you through the steps.

    All that said, there's no real reason why you cannot, it's just a matter of making sure the drivers and hardware are set up properly.

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    many of these new "internet" TV's, etc are in fact running linux

    Is your tv running Linux? (yet) | Handle With Linux

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