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two works great but if it wouldn't be to much trouble could you explain the mechanics of it, I want to learn.
PPA=personal package archive. This is a way to setup a personal APT repository. APT=advanced packaging tool.

So the first command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lexical/hwe-wireless, adds this person's personal archive of software packages to your sources.list. The second part first updates your local database of available packages (sudo apt-get update), and then if that is successful installs the packaged driver. (The && stands for the logical boolean operator AND, which in a nutshell will make it so that if the first command fails, the second doesn't execute.)

In linux most drivers are part of the kernel. The dkms in this package stands for dynamic kernel module. The nice thing about that is if you install a new kernel, you don't have to rebuild the driver, which otherwise for drivers outside the kernel, you would.