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    Thank you!
    I wish I'd have mastered the various express keys long ago.
    I do use PgUp & PgDn which is much more stable than the scroll wheel, but lately, only scroll wheel works with many web pages.

    I also knew about Ctrl-Home, & Ctrl-End, & Ctrl-X & Ctrl-V,
    ..but not those combo-keys you mentioned.
    Thanks for letting me know (now if only I could remember them!

    As for partitioning, that sorta sounds permanent (and involved) and meantime, I'd bought a refurb. tower which turns out to have a probable defective ethernet jack, so now I have my hands full with that & other stuff in my life.

    But at least I learned a bit more, even if just getting my feet wet in Linux.

    Thanks again.

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    try selecting a couple of pages of text using a mouse and you soon learn a few keyboard shortcuts ... a list of some more office shortcuts can be found here.

    Good luck with the desktop ...

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    Can I assume that the OpenOffice keyboard shortcuts work within any textboxes used in online forums?
    No matter which OS or browser?

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    You should find things like text selection work but other shortcuts are less likely to be relevant ... I guess you will learn the shortcuts that work for one application, it's a bonus they work with others as well

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