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    I switched to LMDE a couple of months ago after it beat Debian Testing to be my operating system. So far, I think it's great and have had everything work out of the box; even my wireless. Only had one issue with broken dependencies but as it's based on a distribution with the word "testing" in it's name, I kind of expect the occasional thing to break!

    Will this be the distribution that I finally settle down with? I've not managed to settle down so far and also very much like openSUSE which as of 11.4 has a rolling release system. And I want to try CentOS 6 when (if) it finally emerges. LMDE is definitely in with a good chance though!

    I can't see paraview in the repositories either I'm afraid
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    A friend came to me with an older AMD 64 Toshiba Satellite and asked me to install Linux on it for his daughter. I downloaded Mint 10. The install was simple and everything works including wireless right from the get go. Mint is so easy to install and operate it's almost no fun...
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    Red face Libreoffice

    Yesterday my Linux Mint Debian edition upgraded itself and was gone and replaced by Libreoffice. I have been using it for the past hour and I can attest that it is almost the same thing as openoffice... What would be fantastic is if the extensions were libre as well...

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