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    NSLU2 as a hotspot server

    Hello everyone,

    Well this is my first question on this forum:

    I purchased a hotspot software called "Softvision Explorer 4" witch is best for cyber cafes or hotel hotspot access.

    When installing the software there are two programs: the Manager and the Server.

    Usually you install both on a computer who is also dedicated as a dedicated as server.

    But my problem is that the hotel using the software closes the reception ( and the pc) at night.

    So clients wont be able to access the hotspot after 11 pm if the computer is shut down!

    I was thinking to use a small box called NSLU2 that i could use as a server in the same network.

    I installed the linux based Unslung firmware on it in order to plug USB keys formatted in EXT 3;

    But my question is Could i install the server in the box ? and how?

    I need your brains here !....

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    For the server, no, it doesn't look possible. As far as I could see on the website, the server is Windows only. I only see the client available for linux.

    There are instructions for installing Debian on the NSLU2, so you could conceivably make it a hotspot using other software though.

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    NSLU2 as server

    Ok i understand.

    Could i then use the Manager on my XP desktop and install Debian on the Nslu2 with his dedicated linux server? is it possible ? ...or must it be only windows compatible stuff on both ??.....

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    I'm not clear what the purpose of using the Softvision Manager on your xp machine would be if you're not running their server?

    You can certainly network a windows machine and a linux machine together, or run a server on one and connect with the other, presuming the software you're using is designed that way. You can't use Softvision's hotspot server manager with some other completely different server software though. Is that what you were asking?

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    Yes i was asking that.+
    I will try all the various options and retain the best one for the hotel.

    The Debian hotspot for the nslu2 does seem a little complicated to install but i would like to give it a try.

    Otherwise i will have to dedicate another windows based pc to install the server. But this option means a pc turning fans 24 hours a day just for the server.

    thanks for your opinions !

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