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    I'm running Linux Mint 10, I think the code name is Julia.

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    I looked in the synaptic package manager and couldn't find anything which resembled that file so I'll reinstall my OS. Thanks very much for your assistance and for trying to resolve my problem, it's very much appreciated. Have a good weekend.

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    Before you go ahead and reinstall, I'm going to suggest asking over on the Mint forums. They are another friendly bunch as as they all use Mint there is a better chance that someone has had the same issue. It would be a shame to reinstall if all you have to do is edit one file!

    I have been Googling around and haven't found this issue, but on the assumption that it is a cairo dock issue, try running the command
    cairo-dock -m
    which should allow you to fiddle with the settings.
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    Thanks, I'll ask in the Mint forums. I'll close this thread when I find out how to close it. Have a good weekend.

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    Problem solved! I removed Cairo Dock and the boxes disappeared after I restarted my laptop so it must have been a bug associated with the dock.
    A big thank you to everyone who helped, much appreciated.

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    Thanks for posting your solution. I was thinking it was a video card problem but after seeing the screenshots I didn't know what to make of it.
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    I had the dock running for a week or so before the problem appeared, all I can think of is it reconfigured itself and tried to move to the left and right sides but wasn't successful. I'll install Docky instead and see how I get on with that. I'll close this thread as soon as I know how to.

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