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    Help - I broke my note book and my only backup drive in one evening!


    a couple of nights ago I updated Mint XFCE with the latest updates (not to the latest version, I was running the previous 10?). I then set up my external drive to back up all my photos etc.

    By the morning the note book (AAO) and drive were dead. The external drive gets a power surge error (on my windows laptop) and the AAO goes to an odd xfce login page (i never needed to log in before) without the Mint colours etc. When I enter my password correctly the screen goes blank flashes some text and then returns to the login screen. I know I enter the correct pswd as it prompts when I enter it incorrectly.

    I once managed to get it to hang on the text that flashes up. Amongst other things I get errors like cp. writing '/use/share/icons.......start-here.png' no space left on device [errno 28] no space left on device.

    I used to be able to run live USBs and have installed a few times this way on this machine, but now these don't work either. After selecting the pen drive to boot from in BIOS the machine hangs on the SYSLINUK copyright line with a blinking cursor.

    I've tried three different ISOs (the last and the latest Mint XFCE and latest Ubuntu) and two installation methods (UNETBOOTIN and Linux live USB Creator) and have fomatted the pen to FAT32. The Pen boots the windows laptop just fine. I have also flash updated the BIOS.

    I'm hoping that I can get a live USB working, mount a second external drive, copy all the data then do a fresh install.

    the AAO is ZG5.

    Please help as my back up of all my photos and the one machine with all the photos on has died!!

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    fortunatly my brother took the netbook apart and saved the HDD - no corruption. He also managed to install Mint 10 while the drive was attached to his computer. However, I still can't boot from USB (which I still need to do, as the install isn't how I'd have liked it and it now duel boots to the broken mint xfce and the working 10. I'd like to loose both and try other distros.

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