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    why is my firefox starting automatically after logon

    This may sound like a simple thing, but why is my Firefox starting automatically when I turn the computer on and log in to the system?

    It is not a huge problem as most of the stuff I do with the computer is browsing internet anyway, but I'd like to choose which programs start and when.

    I'm using Linux Mint Debian with XFCE.

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    This usually happens when you shutdown/restart the machine without closing your applications first. If I shut down with Firefox still open, when I reboot, Firefox will be open.
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    But here is the bizarre thing: I always shut down the applications before I shut down the computer to precisely avoid automatic starts.

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    Most desktop environments, including XFCE, are able to save your session. Presumably, you logged out/shut down at some point with Firefox open and it saved it. I haven't used XFCE in a long time, but you should be able to find in the XFCE settings an option to start with a blank session. Selecting that should solve it.

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    That kinda worked, I needed to save a blank session. Thank you very much for pointing me to right direction!

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    Also with Mint Menu, you can right click on a program and select "Start when I log in"
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