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Thread: GRUB Problem

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    GRUB Problem

    Ok, so a few weeks ago i decided to dual boot win 7 and mint 11 with win 7 installed first. I got tired of win 7's crap and decided to just go with mint 11, so i loaded up gparted, and deleted my win 7 partition, thinking it would be as simple as delete, and resize and were done. Boy was I wrong. After deleting the win 7 partition, and rebooting, the system just kept looping restarts, over and over and over. Figuring my boot loader, or grub was jacked up now, i followed quite a few suggestions on the net, with no results. One of the guides was a guide off the linux mint official forums, but it did not work.

    So, before i reformat, are there any other options for me??

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    Boot up to a LiveCD and post the output of
    fdisk -l
    Also, which guide did you follow? Any errors along the way?

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    After further investigation, I found that I could not merge my old win 7 partition with my mint 11 partition due to the unallocated spaces location on the disk. So I ended up having to reformat to get my HD how I wanted it anyway. So the problem is now moot for me.

    Unfortunately I cant seem to find the guide I followed. Thanks anyway tho.

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    try this, using a live cd edit your boot loader and add the missing entries or remove what you dont want you will need su rights. your bootloader is in '$ cd boot/grub/grub.cfg'. don't forget to change the file permissions in order to edit it. use 'chmod 744 grub.cfg' to get rwx and rr

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