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    Problems with Dual Monitor in Linux Mint 11

    I am a complete newbie to Linux so a step by step answer is necessary.

    I have two 23 inch screens of which only one works in linux mint 11. I have ATI HD Radeon 5700 Series which is the primary and works fine. The other screen I was able to set it up to the point where the resolution is good however when I move my mouse across the screen the pointer scrambles or distorts, I also can not drag windows or things across the screen. The second monitor shows on the Catalyst control center as an ATI HD Radeon 3000 Graphics. My computer is ASUS and the monitors are HP 2310e. Both monitors are hooked up via the DVI ports on the seperate cards.

    I just installed linux, so if there are drivers or steps needed to take I need to be baby stepped through, . If this is even possible as I have searched far and wide and no answers.

    I would like both monitors to work seamlessly with each other.


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    Alright so here is the deal, I have two graphics cards that allow me to use either an HDMI, DVI, or VGA. Currently I have one DVI connected to one card and the other DVI to the other card. In windows this works perfectly because I am guessing the software behind this allows for such a thing to occur. However if I take another monitor from my other computer and hook it up to the VGA port on one of the cards I am able to extend my desktop on linux mint 11 using the card with the DVI hook up and the VGA. This leaves me to believe that there must be a fix that allows a connection between the two graphics cards to allow the dual monitor to take place. I do not want to have a multi desktop I want to have an extended display. I am able to get a dual desktop via the ATI Catalyst Manager however it is garbage as it will not allow the movement of windows across thus being pointless. So if someone who has some experience in the software end of this be able to help me to write something in the terminal to link both cards together in order for the monitors section of mint 11 to pick up two screens allowing me to extend my desktop.


    P.S. I notice this is a huge problem as many people have viewed my issue and still no answers. As well as I have talked to others about this and had them working on this for me and still no luck. So if someone figures this out that would be much appreciated.

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    I don't know for sure as I don't have ATi graphics but for Nvidia, there is a control panel. Looking in Synaptic using LMDE, I see fglrx-control which is described as

    Control panel for the ATI/AMD RadeonHD and FireGL graphics cards.

    The control panel shows detailed information on your display adapter and allows you to set dual screen options, adjust gamma correction and set TV out options.
    Maybe it will help.
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