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    Question Wireless internet problems?

    Hey there. Just joined because I really need help with this.

    I'm pretty kinda very new to Linux, so forgive my ignorance.

    I installed it a few months ago on my laptop, and it worked fine for a while.

    About a month ago, it simply stopped detecting wireless networks. My router from my rents desktop has always been a bit iffy, but it used to detect all the standard BT, etc netowrks too. Now it won't detect anything.

    I took it into the repair shop, and the guy said he didn't know enough about linux to be able to fix it. -_-

    Now, the fan has also been going a bit haywire, and I think that it could have messed up some actual hardware, but before I rip the thing apart and play with the insides, I wanted to know. Is there any reason why having Linux OS on my laptop would disable the wireless detector?


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    In that case my favorite question is not depending on the OS:
    Does your notebook have a switch or button to enable / disable wifi?
    You may search on the edge of your notebook for it.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Were there any type of updates installed before you lost your wireless connectivity?
    What version of Linux is it? And is this the only OS that you have installed?
    Just to get a better idea of what's going on, take a look at this page:
    Post back here with the requested information.

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    @Zom: It does indeed have an on-off switch, and pre-Linux it actually made a difference if I pressed it. After I installed it, it just continually switched between waht was "on" and what was "off" and didn't really do much.

    1. No updates as far as I know?
    2. I'm not entirely sure, how would I find out?
    3. Yes, it's the only OS, I took of W7 when I installed linux.

    I'll post the info needed by the link tomorrow, when it's not 3am :P

    Thanks guys

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