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Thread: In need of help

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    In need of help

    Hi everyone, I would like some help.

    Sometimes Linux Mint 11 crashes on my computer. Well it just goes back to the login screen....even though I haven't told the OS to do that. Sometimes when I get back after logging in, a little box shows up in the upper left corner saying that an application on my OS didn't worked to load and it gives me two options. Don't delete or delete. For example, it could be the part of the screen that shows what time it is on the computer (bottom right corner) or some other small application or whatever the correct term is.

    Now I accidently pressed delete and the little window to the left of the "time and date" box, that suppose to show what applications that are currently running now disappeared. It suppose to show bluetooth, update manager and so on. You probably know what I'm talking about.

    How do I get it back? And please, I'm new to Linux, so it would be great if I could get some "step by step" help guide without the most difficult terms you could find in the dictionary. Think of me as if I was a kinder garden student (even though I'm actually 21) and it's now up to you to make sure that I understand what you're talking about. Right?

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    74 views, but no response?!?! Come on, I need help. I can't even see if I'm connected to a network or start Deluge Torrent Client or update stuff from Update Manager. None of that is possible.

    Where did all the people go?

    In case none of you knows how to deal with this issue, then at least describe to me how to update Linux Mint 11 to 12 on the same partition without losing any files like movies, music, documents, software etc. On my laptop I have a big partition with Linux 11 and a smaller one with Windows 7.

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    No DT

    Just my thought I think why no one as responded is there is insufficient information given to tell anyone whats wrong.

    You say "a little box shows up in the upper left corner saying that an application on my OS didn't worked to load"
    does it show what app is missing ? has it worked perfectly ok previously ? or is this fault just occurred after a new install

    Must admit I have never experienced that fault occurring - but I don't use Mint ~ Debian ~ Mepis yes - had lost desktop pics after a upgrade/update, but that's no prob
    When your screen goes blank what happens if you right click on that blank desktop - does it show a small menu ?
    If if does not, it looks like your installation is not complete
    and a new install may be wanted - what say anyone else ?

    From a 77yo Linux guy.

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    It's ok. The problem is fixed. After searching for "linux mint reset panel" I got it to work. Thanks anyways and if I'm having another problem somewhere in the future, then I will try to be more specific.

    If you search for that, then the first site that pops up is the one that helped me. In case someone else is having the same problem, it might be useful information.

    Have a nice day

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