When I try to boot Linux Mint 12 from a usb stick, I get past the LInux Mint booting countdown screen and the loading casper text then the screen goes blank and stays blank. After a time I hear the startup sound but still blank (no mouse pointer, unlike my netbook which has LM 11) simply continued blank though there is periodic activity on the usb stick but the screen remains persistently blank.

I tried booting into compatibility mode with the same result. Some text scrolled up the screen then a blank screen.

I was able to boot into LM 11 from a usb stick OK.

My computer is currently running Ubuntu 10.04 and this occasionally happens on startup, but restarting has, up to now, got the computer running OK.

I have a HP G72 Laptop with a 1.87 GHz P6000 Pentium processor and 3 GB memory (at least that's what the spec said, the system monitor gives 2.4 GB.)