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    handbrake source install

    i'm trying to install handbrake from source and I am having trouble. i'm on linux mint 11, I downloaded the source from sourceforge and I'm building it and getting errors. error 1 is the output. any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatebreed View Post
    error 1 is the output
    That is literally the only output from the command? Can you just copy-paste the entire output that is sent when you run the command, including how you run the command itself?

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    I got it to work. don't really know what I did different this time but I tried to compile again and it worked correctly.

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    That is almost as frustrating as when it doesn't work in the first place. glad it's working now though.

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    What I think is frustrating is when a developer doesn't offer a built package. They have packages for mac, Windows, and fedora. This is crazy considering the year we are in and people still aren't offering pre built packages. For the more popular distros any ways

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    Handbrake is available via Ubuntu PPA (repository.)

    Since Mint 11 is based on Ubuntu Natty, the Natty PPA can be added and then installation is simply:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install handbrake

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    I tried that and the ppa failed. they should offer the .deb package on sourceforge.

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    That would put a lot of work on the developer.

    Because everyone would want one for his/her distribution of choice.
    So the dev would not only need to provide a package for one distro but for all.

    This means a lot of compiling, extra bughunting/patching.

    In reality, the dev usually doesnt do packaging.
    That is why there are package maintainers for the various distros.
    It is/was also quite common, that a typical linux user is capable of compiling sofware.

    I understand, that from a pure user view it is undesireable to have to do this.
    But imho: I very much enjoy the freedom and possibilities the current approach has.

    For day to day tasks (email/web/office) I just take what the distro provides.
    And if I need something more, I compile and package it *exactly* in the way I want it.
    As an example: At work, we maintain easily 500+ rpms on top of what CentOS provides.
    You must always face the curtain with a bow.

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    After adding the PPA, I checked with "search" to verify the package name:

    apt-cache search handbrake
    handbrake-cli - versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder - command line
    handbrake-gtk - versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder - GTK GUI
    If this is too difficult, you can always use the GUI Software Manager. The PPA works fine.

    There are the .debs from the PPA. Good luck if you have to fight with dependencies.

    Ditto what Irithori said - this is not the developer's problem.

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    I would disagree. When you make a program, you should want to make it as easy to use as possible. if you make a package for .rpm, fedora, why would you not make one for .deb, ubuntu? Ubuntu and or mint are the 2 most popular distros out there. I can see where you guys are coming from but the developer should be able to compile a program for the most popular distros and then have the source on the site for the rest. It isn't to big of a pain to compile the program but it's something that you shouldn't have to do these days. This is just my opinion though.

    P.S. I tried to add the ppa and it added the ppa but gave an error when i updated apt. so this is why i went to the compile rout.
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