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    so new and need help please

    hey guys im so sorry if this is a much asked question but im failing to understand lol.
    ive just moved from windows to linux mint and i know how to use the software installer but i dont know ho to install programes that i have downloaded of the net it open with archive manager and from there i have no clue.

    also is there a programe that will automatically install downloaded programes/packages much like windows.

    thanks for any help

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    You can check the following link for a HowTo article that explains many different ways to install software under Linux, depending on the type of package you are trying to install:

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Installing software in Linux is quite different than in Windows.
    With Mint, there are several options.
    First, look in your System menu for (I think) the Software Center. You can browse different software, and install from there.
    Or, you can use the terminal, which is similar to the Windows command prompt. Simply do something like this:
    sudo apt-get install <package>
    There is also Synaptic. Yet another way to find and install different programs.

    Further information can be found in something called a man page. It's basically a manual to a command.
    Open your terminal.
    man apt-get
    man synaptic
    There is also aptitude.
    man aptitude
    They all do the job nicely. So take a look at them, and use the one that you are most comfortable with.

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    3 basic methods


    Welcome to Linux Forums! Do not be afraid to ask anything. I will try to summarize few basic things.

    1. First of all, always try to use the Software Manager to install. This manager connects with servers to get quality-controlled .deb installation files. (BTW: you can add such servers, called repositories).

    2. You can also find those .deb files on project pages of the software: download it and when you double-click it, software manager will install it.

    3. Some software is not available as .deb installation files. Instead, you will find a .tar.gz or .tgz, or tar.bz2,... in other words, a compressed archive. When you find it, you can unpack it with archive manager. Normally, developers are so kind to provide an README or INSTALL file in there, in which you will find instructions to install ('compile') the program. You can open these by double-clicking. Then follow the instructions in there (often this requires use of the command line - do not be afraid though ).

    Hope this helps you further!


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