This password issue is not relegated to just one area of the distro and it WAS working and all of a sudden it is not. For example, when setting up my email accounts, you have the option to save the POP and or SMTP passwords for each account. These were working and I'm now asked for the passwords for each after opening Evolution.

I've also mapped shares via SMB to my NAS device and checked the box for Remember Forever for each mapping... whenever I click on a link to one of the shares, I'm asked for the password again. This also worked initially but now does not.

Has something gotten corrupted that needs to be repaired? The only issue I've had with the machine is that the hard drive has a small space where it can slowly inch out so the connectivity of the pins of the drive can come too loose to the where the pins connect on the connector (an HP design flaw in the laptop). I've since corrected this minor design issue but when I initially has problems, the first sign was that the disk seemed to be in read only mode.

If this is the cause of my problem... can it be fixed?

This Mint NUBE needs a bit of assistance on this one.

Thanks in advance for the help!