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    Installation trouble!

    Okay, guys. So hereīs the problem:

    Iīve just bought an Asus UX21E which has a 128 gb ssd hd.
    I want to install Linux Mint on it and no dual boot stuff. I donīt like Windows. However, something went horribly wrong during install process so now thereīs no OS on that pc.

    Iīm now trying to create a bootable external hard drive from my mac computer via unetbooting but it simply wonīt boot on my pc. I get a message saying "Missing Operatin System". Iīve tried a usb stick as well with the same result.

    What to to? Buy the Mint dvd and an external drive??

    Looking forward to your expertise

    Kind regards from Mads.

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    It looks like your laptop is struggling to boot from an external USB device. Is there some BIOS control you've missed to make this boot?

    How did you create your bootable USB stick? There are several tools around that can make this easy - the one I use is the Fedora LiveUSB creator, which automates the set-up of a live cd distribution iso onto a usb stick (and will run from some commercial operating systems too, although I'm not sure about the Mac). You could give that a go.
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    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I do believe that is supports usb boot. Thatīs the entire point of a no-drive ultrabook I would think. I used unetbootin to create it. I did this using the mac version since there was no OS on my pc. Today I went out and bought an external dvd drive and have installed Win 8 on my pc to try it out. It works perfectly well. I will be putting Mint on it as well. Itīs actually way easier to create a bootable dvd in OS X than any USB stick since disk utility lets you do this hassle free.

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