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    Access denied to new hdd - chmod?

    I've added and successfully formatted a second internal hdd in my system. The second, backup drive is being recognized as dev/sbd1 and I can mount it. (I only wish to use this second hdd for additional backup purposes)

    I cannot however access the second drive. I cannot save anything to the drive either and will be prompted with: [Access denied - Could not write to /media/BACKUP/filenmae.odt]

    I have labeled the second hdd as: BACKUP.

    I formatted the second backup hdd with Parted Magic with ext4 if that means anything.

    Any assistance with this issue would be immensely appreciated -- I've spent a good deal of time attempting to rectify before posting!

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    Yes you will need to either chmod or chown it.

    chmod -R 774 /media/BACKUP
    And if you want to become owner:

    chown -R username /media/BACKUP
    The -R makes it recursive and applies it to all files and subdirectories. The 774 is to limit the permissions of other users. You can look at a tutorial to find out how this works.

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