I am sort of new to Linux Mint and brand new to the slideshow software Imagination. I have one recurring problem with Imagination 2.1. All of my pictures / slides, upon preview and export, were being pushed down and the bottoms cut off. I tried many many things to stop this and quite by accident managed to do so. I quickly saved the file on Imagination and then exported to a DVD to save the settings. But today when I opened the saved file to do some more work on the show, the bottoms were again cut off. Even though the file was saved with the bottoms intact. Nothing I tried could get around this. (The exported DVD file is still as it should be).

What causes this and how do I correct it?? It is the only aspect of this software that I have not figured out yet.

I also tried to download version 3. My window pops up with save or open. I saved it but how do I install it??