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    Can't view or access Mint flash USB files from XP


    I am a tech-newbie with Linux Mint 9 installed on a 8gig USB flash drive with a 4gig persistence scheme. I can see and access my XP files from Mint just fine, and I'd also like to see on my USB the newly created document and image folders of my Mint user accounts when I'm in XP, except I only see the flash drive's basic .casper, .disk, isolinux and preseed folders when I'm in XP. I tried Ext2Fsd as some recommended but no go, and I'm timid about guessing and messing around the flash with gParted. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

    As a side issue, I found I'm able to store XP files on my Mint flash, but when in Mint I can't find or view them. Is there any way to store files on a USB Mint drive that's readable to both Mint and XP?

    Thank you.

    Jim in NYC

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    did you install mint 9 or is it a live image? if so, you cant see you files via extended fs tools for windows, because they are stored in a harddisk image file. and there wouldn't be .casper or else in the usb if you have done a clean installation. so I will explain a way to do a clean install to a usb, as I think you run a live system.

    while doing this you will use one usb as a target, and another usb drive or a dvd as a resource

    -burn the linux iso to a usb drive or dvd/cd
    -boot this live medium
    -insert the target usb when boot is complete
    -start installation.
    -when it asks the target drive to install, choose your target usb drive, format it as needed
    -select your target usb as your bootloader installation target
    -then continue installation.

    when you use a live medium, it mount a system image to your harddisk, and works inside that, so to see your personal data, you should open that image file under your current os. but if you install as above, you will be able to use extended fs tools/drivers for windows.

    if you create a ntfs partition under your usb drive, this one can be visible to both XP and Linux. so you can use it as a shared folder.

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