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Thread: setup sshfs

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    setup sshfs


    Can someone pls tell me how to set up sshfs. I found something on internet but i couldnt get it to work.

    Ty for you help

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    What you do is set up ssh to allow you to connect to your file server, then use sshfs to connect to a specific share with something like:

    sshfs servername:/path/to/directory ~/mount/point
    Make sure your mount point directory exists before you try to use sshfs by using 'mkdir'.
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    Ok ty i someohow manage to set it up now. I have one more question about resize2fs and how does it work? I have read on internet about it and i dont fully understant it. With it you can expand and shring filesystem or partiotions. Can someone here explain it a little bit easyer.

    Ty for your help

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