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Thread: Lost Grub

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    Lost Grub

    I have installed Mint 12 (love it) on separate partition beside Win XP. But lost Grub... therefore can't start Mint. I find that Mint 13 just released; have downloaded .iso. If I install this over Vn.12 -- will this restore Grub?
    System is Dell Latitiude D600; "Pentium 'M' processor 1400MHz, 585MHz (???), 512 MB RAM."
    Bit light-on these days, but I figured big enough for Linux.
    Any advice appreciated.

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    It should, anyhow, you can generally put the origin disk in and boot it, then go to either "rescue disk" mode (whether a live CD or not) , and also look up the distro site for how to start it from the command line with the CD rescue system.
    As for "grub" boot loader, you can often put that back in by a bit of a cheat with the original disk by choosing upgrade on the install menu and jump everything to the point where it configures and asks which boot loader, then it can be started normally again after you reboot because it puts the loader back in.
    Other options are to start from the original distro disk and edit the boot loader command files.
    Generally its best to use the same boot loader each time. Only change to lilo if the attempts continually fail.

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