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    Unhappy Need help with remastersys in mint 13

    hello everyone, ive been working on a new distro based on mint13, the details of it isnt important right yet but you can find info at

    www dot blenderbuntu dot weebly dot com

    But heres my problem, for simplicty I installed mint minimal via mint4win (wubi) and left it at its defualts, ive built up the entire OS now and have run into a problem, there isnt enough space on the mint partition (which was set to 10GB by wubi) to store both the OS and all the stuff that remastersys puts on there when doing a backup or dist, it completely fills the remaing 8GB and cant finish because of it, is there a way to iether make this partition bigger or tell remastersys to save its files to an external drive or is there any program thats better than remastersys?

    I really appreciate any help you guys can give, thanks, Bizla.

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    I'm not sure how this would work with a wubi (mint4win) install but doing that is simply installing Mint as a program inside windows and not on an actual partition, AFAIK. I can't imagine any reason why you would need more than 10GB for a basic Mint install. I used remastersys dist on Mint 12 on a separate partition and had no problem at all. Remastersys is basically a number of files/scripts and doesn't take up much space. Did you add a lot of programs to the initial install? There is also a limit of 4GB for the iso, see the link below for more detail:


    I've used remastersys on at least 6 different Ubuntu derivatives with little problem on any of them. From the info in your post, the only thing that stands out might be the size of the iso file you are trying to create.

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