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    How to fix full screen youtube lag?

    I have been running Linux Mint 12 for a several months now. However, i recently got a new 1080p monitor and now youtube and other video players start to lag when i go full screen.

    The confusing part is when i dual boot in windows 7 it doesn't lag at all. How do i fix this? Am i missing the right drivers or can i overclock the GPU? i don't know anything about graphics cards

    Intel i3 Sanddy Bridge at 3.2GHz
    4GB RAM
    NVIDIA ION 218 graphics card

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    Have you installed the NVidia drivers as the nouveau ones may struggle as they are still relatively new. You install the Nvidia drivers using the hardware drivers utility.
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    Didn't help. I tried the NVIDIA stock drivers, the drivers Linux found, and the post release drivers found under the additional drivers menu. the lag does not go away on Linux. My Windows side of the computer has no lag fullscreen.

    Linux, mint or Ubuntu, is just faster in every aspect i don't want to switch back to windows if i want full screen videos.

    Anyone else has any ideas?

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