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    Angry Not sure but i need help

    So ill start off from the beginning, i got on my computer 2 days ago and it said it cant find operating system or there was an error loading it (windows 7) well i decided to format my hard drive then reinstalling windows, we it said i cant install windows on that hard drive because it might fail soon, then i decided oh ill go on my other pc and load up ubuntu and make a live disk and install it, well when i started it up with my usb a black screen came up saying "SYSLINUX 4.06 EDD 4.06" or somethig linke that, then i decided to load up linux mint plugged it in then booted it up and what do ya know "SYINUX 4.03 2010--0-22 EDD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al" so if anyone knows anything on how to get linux to start and work please help, also ive tried re-doing the configure thing to take out the UI and couldnt even find it, tried using 3 different programs, so pretty much i have no operating system and i want to put on linux and its not lettin me.

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    (disclaimer: I'm a techead, I do this kinda thing for fun, and I have killed more then one computer in the process. if you have not opened a computer and poked around inside its guts before, STOP- open your favorite search engine, type "[town you reside in] computer repair" and get them to fix it. then if your really interested in working on it yourself, buy a cheap, old desktop from the good will, and learn on that. soon you'll know what PC133 is and why we don't use it anymore.)

    if your Hard disk is failing a new OS won't change anything. depending on what you have (laptop or desktop. and is it an IDE, SATA, or SAS drive?) you can get a new drive for around $70 to $135.
    now then, before I go any further- you need to now if you have an IDE, or a SATA. 90% of drives are going to be one of those.

    now then, if you have a SATA, its gonna run you around $70 for a 500 gigabyte desktop drive. $90 for a 1 terrabyte, or 1000 gigabyte desktop drive. and around $80 for a 500 gigabyte laptop drive. (assuming you want a SATA III, 7200rpm drive.)
    if you have IDE, then its gonna run you $95 for a 320 gig desktop drive, and $135 for a 320 gig laptop. why so much more for so little? because IDE, (also known as PATA, or just ATA) is a dead standard. so there's very few people who still use it. for your sake, I hope you have a SATA.

    once you know what the drive is, you can order a new one from any tech site. then its just a matter of installation. part 1: shut down and unplug your computer, ground yourself by touching something metal. open your case, unplug the old drive, they'll be two cables. unscrew the mounting bolts, and remove the old drive.
    part 2: insert the drive you just got, put the bolts back, plug in its power and data cables, close the case, plug the computer back in, power up and install what ever OS you want.
    as for OS installation, I found it easiest to install from windows, but I have a non RAID multi-drive array, so I can do that without losing drive performance.

    I normally try not to answer questions with my first post, so I won't complain if you take my advise with a grain of salt.

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    "SYINUX 4.03 2010--0-22 EDD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al"
    Syslinux is the bootloader used on most Linux CD/DVDs and that message shows when you boot the CD/DVD. That is expected behavior. If it stops there and does not proceed to boot, you have a problem.
    You said you got on your computer two days ago and got an error that it could not find an operating system. Some information that would be needed:
    Did you have windows 7 installed and working on this machine prior to the error?
    Did you have any other operating system installed and working?
    Did you make any changes to hardware/software just prior to getting this error?

    How did you create the Ubuntu and Mint usb? Did you use a flash drive to try to boot them to install? Did you test the flash drive in another computer to see if it boots?
    And what exactly is your goal? Do you just want windows back? Do you want windows and Ubuntu/Mint?

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    I'm interested in this as well as I have an old OQO that I just managed to reinstall WIn xp on but would prefer to run mint... It gives me the same thing...

    "SYINUX 4.03 2010--0-22 EDD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al"

    more or less maybe not exactly with the different Linux flavors i've tried... then it just stops for me as well... IIRC I think I read some where it may need to have the BIOS re flashed or something. Any way if you come up with something please keep me posted...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate0013 View Post
    it said i cant install windows on that hard drive because it might fail soon
    It sounds like you need a new hard drive.
    Since you formatted the drive, you don't have anything left to recover.
    Follow these steps:

    1) Buy new hard drive.

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