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    Windows Music Library In Mint13Mate

    Ive been bouncing from distro to distro looking for a virtually bug free one. I kind of dont want to have to sift thru 405 upgrades to find out which one is causing graphical glitches (ubuntu) So I switched to Mint 13 MATE. Would of went for cinnamon but like I said, I'm affraid of glitches and inconsistances and MATE was advertised as more stable. Is this true? I am a sucker for cool looking functional desktops (ubuntu) and would like some of the same window managment systems they offer. ANYWAYS...

    I can access my music library thats on the windows side from Linux. using "gmusicbrowser" has easily been the fastest importer of 7700 songs.

    How do I set it up so that my library is still available when I first start up my computer?

    When i restart it is gone.

    Otherwise mint13mate seems good enough, though it has the same random "cant find wifi" problem ubuntu has. 2 or 3 crashes importing my music with other softwares like banshee or whatever. it seems ok now.

    If you have any other distros I should use let me know I've only tried 2. ubuntu unity, also with gnome 3.4.1. and now MATE.

    I'm looking for ultimate stability while not looking like crap. and I love snappy fast desktops. so far so good though i must say with mate...

    Thanks everyone!

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    To me Linux Mint is too far towards the bleeding edge when it comes to an operating system.
    For stability you need to have a distro that is not updated as soon as something new comes out.
    I have tried Mint but do not like it as i have said as above.
    I have Fedora 17 64bit on my system, it is far easier to update than Mint and it does not have all of the bells and whistles that Mint has (but you can install them if you so wish). It (Fedora) can do the stuff you are trying to do on your system and more. On my system i can play movie DVD's and music. So do test out some other distro's and select the one that works for you. I have only listed Fedora as my Linux of choice, you might have other reasons to choose Mint.
    As for your music, i would transfer to them to the Linux section. I always say "Keep it simple stupid" (Kiss). If you make it any more complicated you are going to cause more problems than what it is worth.
    If you have any more problems please post back and we can see if we can sort it out on here.

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    I use cinnamon and its been the most stable distro ive used the only one i had a problem with was linux mint kde. but if you have banchee media player you should import your music there.

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