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    Looking for a newer Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" Fluxbox look-a-like

    I'm not a very experienced linux user. I've tried different distros from time to time..
    The reason i'm not using linux on a daily basis is because i don't understand some things. My favourite distro so far is Linux Mint 9 "Isadora" Fluxbox x86 .
    Just because it is so tiny, simple and there is almost no menu or anything.
    Is that because of the fluxbox? Is it possible for me to make a later version of Mint to look exactly like that?

    My problem is that Linux Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora looks more and more like Windows.. Huge buttons, a lot of buttons, icons and menus! I want to get away from that!

    What i want is a linux distro that is just totally blank! And the menu pops up when i right-click and everything is there. Just like Linux Mint 9 Fluxbox i tried.

    Maybe you can suggest another linux distro that works just the way i want with almost nothing visual in "x" .. I just want to right-click to get menu with all software. I don't want enormous menu and menu trees and stuff like that. As invisible and tiny as possible.
    How ever i'm familiar with the apt-get methods and if i'm going to choose a linux distro apt-get has to work on that distro as well.

    Sorry if i am not able to explain this in shorter words or in a better way but my English is not on fire right now.

    All help is much appreciated!


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    Like this?

    Look Left and ask where i got this from if interested.

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    Mine is 64bit but I can point you to a i386 download link if interested. That one is based on Debian testing. I can also point you to a openbox distro based on Debian Unstable if you prefer also that I run.
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