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    Ethernet Wire Connected Indicated But No Desktop Icon


    I''m trying to Ethernet link with a XP desktop. My Maya XFCE lap indicates Wired Connection but I have no desktop icon linking to the XP. I believe I have the basics set up but unsure. What am I missing, or does Linux do the desktop icon of another system thing?


    Jim in NYC

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    Is it going through a switch or PC to PC? If it's PC to PC you need a CrossOver Ethernet Cable.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    Is there anyway this cross-over can be done in software within the machines? If not, if you're familiar with them, would recommend those $1.90 crossover adapters on eBay?

    Thanks for any hints!

    Jim in NYC

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    You could make a crossover cable. Look up ethernet crossover cable on Wikipedia. The cable ends are about $5 for 10. The crimp tool is about $10 or so. Or, easiest, get a cheap hub. That will perform the same, if not better, than an adapter. You cannot make a crossover in software. You would have to have an auto-sensing ethernet card to begin with.

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    You also don't mention DHCP. You can get by with manually assigned static IP addresses. Each end needs to get an address someow if you hope to TCP/IP.

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    Not sure what you mean by desktop icon.

    Have you tried pinging each box from the other box?

    I have come across many many fairly NICs that will handle the "crossover cabling" issues.

    Having said that, before I experienced it for the first time, I always had my own crossover cables for everything from null modem to ether and I was, frankly, shocked when I saw two NICs connected OK with a straight cable.

    In the first instance, I would try just connecting the two boxes directly using the existing cable and see how you go. If no joy, then look into a crossover.

    Cheers - VP

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