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    After Wallch Can't Boot Synaptic Package Manager in XFCE But MATE Does


    I don't know how related this is to my problem but after recently setting up Compiz and installing Wallch 4.0, I can't boot up Synaptic Package Manager in XFCE mode, but it does boot in MATE mode. Is there any way to repair this or must I uninstall Wallch even though I had it off in trying to boot Synaptic several times? It might have nothing to do with it either, but I updated Wallch from their Launchpad site via Terminal.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Jim in NYC

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    I read this at the Wallch site on sourceforge:

    Wallch 4.0 (under development)

    Wallch 4.0 will possibly:
    Support many different Desktop Environments, like LXDE, XFCE, Fluxbox etc.
    Provide the option to load images instead of the paths of the images.
    More command line options combined with better manual page.
    Much more!
    and had to think - this has to be beta. Maybe it would be best to wait a bit and get it when it's running better.

    Have you asked about it in the Ubuntu forums?

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    I found out by trial-and-error that Wallch is really innocent and the culprit is something else! (BTW I'm using Wallch 4.0b in MATE and XFCE and it works so great I've replaced Variety and DesktopNova!). The "get-around" to kickstart Synaptic in XFCE for me was advice to open its icon window and set it to start in terminal which kicks up a request for a password like the original window did, but I like the original way better!


    Jim in NYC

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