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    hi Jim

    very peculiar this behaviour, it reminds me of when I was using the mate desktop; it interfered continously with configuration settings. you never knew which one had an effect. it got that annoying that i giot rid of mate and installed gnome-fallback-session which I still use and tweaked nicely to the way I want it.

    sorry I can't help you any further


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    I am using LinuxMint 14 Cinnamon. I did it by going to Menu, Preferences, Cinnamon settings, Windows. Changed the left side title bar buttons.


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    Quote Originally Posted by svesmeralda View Post
    Thanks for the tip.

    I installed dconf-editor, after opening it I navigated to button layout in preferences. The default setting is: :minimize,maximize,close, I
    changed it to: close,minimize,maximize:. I tried logging out and back in and then rebooting. Each time the button layout reverted back to the
    default setting.

    I think I will just leave it the way it is.

    Try Menu>Preferences>Cinnamon Settings>Windows
    Change is immediate

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