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    noob! need help with the black screen. cant get grub to come up???

    just installed mint 14 cinnamon and can not get it to run after full install.

    i could not get it to boot with the livecd until i ran it in compatibility mode (i think set that in the grub)

    i have been searching all over and it seams to be a common problem but can not figure it out.

    from what i have learned from searching is i have to somehow boot with nomodeset??? how i do this is in the grub screen before linux boots up all the way. i was able to get to this screen with the livecd but now it boots and goes strait to log in screen. everything looks normal from this point, but when i put my username and password in my screen looks funny and i get errors like: failed to idle channel 1. This is the problem i was having with the livecd untill i ran start up in compatibility mode.

    Now i cannot get to that boot screen that i was able to get to before initial install. i have read that pushing shift after bios boot but nothing.

    can someone explain to me what the grub screen is??? maybe im all messed up myself and am doing things wrong.

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    Try pressing ESC key or ESC+SHIFT key to get the grub menu. This may be a known bug.(i cant post the url but you can search and find it) Otherwise try with a live cd and change the /etc/default/grub entries. Specially relating to GRUB_TIMEOUT and GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT.

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    From EdWh.
    I had a similar problem months ago. In my case I had a high end Hd Nivida card installed and it would not run the graphics as there were no drivers in the install for this drive. I had a older Nivida card and replaced the newer one and reinstalled the system. This was when Mint first came out, It installed properly and I had to update the system before the first reboot and it installled 180 new files and one was 54 mb of Nivida drivers. Booted and worked fine from there. Try using a older video card as it appears your video is not workling. They have been very slow to update bugs in the system, I have two I cannot get rid of. One is the splash screen on the dssktop at boot up that takes you to various sites in Mint if I click on it and it goes to the site, I cannot get the screen to close it stays until I close the Firefox window. The second is that on boot up a screen will come up before loading the desktop that has options to close, reboot, and another option I cannot think of but I cannot get beyond the screen have to tell it to reboot and it loads to the desktop. This happens time after time so I have using Win8 since I have a dual boot drive as the Mint boot is a pain and I am discussed with the problems. Good Luck

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    A further note for you. The grub screen I believe only comes up when installing a dual boot system. The installation on completing will find the dual systems and load the grub screen so when you boot up you have a choice of the operating systems on your Hdd. As I said before I am not using the Mint much because of their failure to address bugs in the system. Again Good luck.

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