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    Added user setup for web framework in home dir.?

    What is the best way for an added user (not the original) to have a fully functional web-devel framework (Symfony2 e.g.) in his home directory. Me and my roommate want to both start learning Symfony2 on same computer but under different user directories than original. We want to keep the original user account as clean and 'tinker' free as possible. And setting a web-framework in your home directory inevitably involves the possibility of tracking mud across the floor that is hard to get out. We want something we can tinker with and fix just by deleting the account and adding another.

    Also I don't want to change default webroot of /var/www. I tried that recently by making a directory in my original home account directory the new webroot and somehow the permissions applications screwed things up. So I just reinstalled Mint 14 and now am no longer wanting to learn Symfony by changing webroot. I discovered the following instrutions for what appears to be a solution but what I would like is corroborating advice on what I am trying to do.

    How do I create web pages in my home directory and have the web server serve them in my web browser?
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