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    Mint Desktop partly vanished

    Hi everyone.

    I am running a Linux Mint Nadia 64bit system and something strange happened. Parts of my Desktop just vanished. My menu bars for instance. Also the frames around my windows. The behaviour of windows and icons while moving and foreground-background traverses changed, too in a weird way.

    It happened to me twice. I reinstalled my system and it happened again. It's also only noticeable in a Cinnamon environment. Gnome runs like usual.
    There are basically just a few things (of which I can think, right now,) my two set ups had in common:
    1. I updated the system
    2. I installed Nvidia Proprietary drivers
    3. I installed CUDA
    4. I installed skype, synergy, openssh-server and chromium-browser
    5. It came to be after I rebooted.

    I tried to google it, but acutally, I don't know how to compress this problem meaningfully into a search term. Not that I didn't try, but I didn't even find a similar problem. So, I am looking for either a solution or a sensible search term.

    By the way, I've made a screenshot. It may help.

    Screenshot:Screenshot from 2013-04-13 01:29:31.jpg

    I've expected the screenshot to be bigger, but well, I think you can see that the menu is missing.

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    If you are using the Mate desktop, try pressing Alt + F2 and running
    mdm --replace
    I'm not sure what the equivalent would be for Cinnamon... maybe
    muffin --replace
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    Uff, how rude of me to completely forget about this thread. Yeah, the problem was, cinnamon isn't compatible with properitary NVidia drivers. I found a bug report about that. Nothing to do until they fix it with an update.

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