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    Angry Black Log-in Screen on Linux Mint Cinnamon 64 Bit [N00B]

    Hi! I've installed Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon 64 Bit this morning, I love it, but I've got a really annoying problem! When I start up my computer on Linux Mint, I get a black log-in screen, I only get the log-in screen if I shut down the computer using the start button, and start it up again, so I need to try two times every time I want to start up my computer?!? I'm sure there's something wrong. I've been googling this problem for this problem a LOT, and if I use the nomodeset, I get really bad screen resolution and the computer is almost so slow that I can't use it, I love Linux so I'll try (almost) everything to get it work, thank you.

    The scary part is that when I get the black screen I can type my username and my password and hear the log in sound, so it must be something with either the screen or my graphics card, an ATI Radeon HD 6320M card.

    And yes! I've tried Ubuntu too with Wubi, and I also get a black screen there (first time trying to start up)

    EDIT: Ups, should've posted this in the newbie section, hope someone can help anyways.
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    Why, WHY?!?!? EVERY time I post something in a forum, I fix it two minutes later!!! Wow, anyways, it's fixed now.
    EDIT: Btw. how can I put the solved mark on my thread?

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    Why? Probably some variation of this.

    You can use the thread tools above the first post to mark your thread solved. This will close the thread to further posts. If you don't mind me asking, what was your solution?
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    For those who come along later with the same problem, could you post your solution?
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    Yes, please post the solution. I am fighting with Debian / Cinnamon 8.0.0, and I have the black screen problem too. I have a Toshiba Satellite (64-bit, dual core) laptop with an external monitor added on, and both monitors go black when Xwindows starts. To clarify: Debian 8.0.0 installs correctly, and boots correctly once. Then, when I load the required updates, the screen is black after a reboot and stays black until I reinstall the operating system again. I've gone through this at least 8 times now. One installation, one reboot, one time.
    I have tried putting "nomodeset" in the Grub config file: /etc/defaults/grub, like this:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet nomodeset"

    The rerun update-grub and reboot. That also worked correctly just once, and then updates killed that too.
    Actually, rerunning update-grub is a chore in itself. Obviously, you cannot edit the /etc/defaults/grub file with a black screen, so I had to boot a live CD like Knoppix, or Cinnamon live, and then mount the laptop disk, and chroot to it, and create required device nodes: Do all of this as root, by:
    sudo su
    mkdir /d0 (from Knoppix or Cinnamon live.)
    mount /dev/sda1 /d0 (get ahold of the laptop's disk)
    chroot /d0
    cd /dev
    mknod sda b 8 0 (create node for the laptop's disk.)
    mknod sda1 b 8 1 (create node for the first partition.)
    vi /etc/default/grub (go edit the grub config file and add the "nomodeset" parameters as described above.)
    (then close and save work.)
    (then update grub: )
    update-grub /dev/sda
    (It will scream about things being missing in /proc and /sys, but will work.)

    Reboot, and you get a proper screen one time, and then it goes black again.

    By the way, does anyone know the proper way to run grub-install and update-grub when booted from another disk, as in when installing Debian? Ordinarily, grub wants to work on the disk you just booted from, not on some other disk, and only look at some other disk.

    By the way, "nomodeset" also disables the second monitor and disables setting the laptop screen aspect ratio correctly. There must be a better solution than crippling the video chip.
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